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The Society shall be open to anyone involved in, or having a special interest
in the design specification or drawing of plumbing systems.
You can enjoy many benefits by being a member of the ASPE.
Click here  for an application form (PDF).

Once you have filled out the application form, mail it along with your
check made payable to ASPE to:

Pam Hartsell, VP Membership
Strategic Energy Solutions
4000 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Berkley, MI 48072

A $25.00 Application Fee must accompany the application.
This Application Fee is nonrefundable.
There is no Application Fee for student membership.
 As an additional benefit to Eastern Michigan Chapter members,
many of our past Technical sessions have been video taped.
These tapes are available to the EMC members on a loan basis.     
Click here for a listing of these tapes.


Full Member

Associate Member

Affiliate Member

Special Member

Governmental Member

Student Member


Eight (8) years of experience of plumbing engineering, a minimum of four (4) years
of which must have been in a position of responsibility for the design of plumbing
systems. A maximum of four (4) years of experience may be waived by the Society
Membership Committee for: (a) Education: one-half (1/2) year for each completed
year in a curriculum related to plumbing engineering; (b) Engineering Registration:
four (4) years for Professional Engineer registration in a field that includes plumbing
engineering; (c) CIPE certification: two (2) years.
  Dues: $185.00



Any individual involved in the design of plumbing systems or in plumbing engineering
and not meeting the requirements for Full Membership.
  Dues: $165.00.



Any individual involved in producing or marketing a plumbing product who does
not meet any of the qualifications for membership in any other grade.
  Dues: $185.00.



Anyone employed by or doing business as a contractor or having a special interest
 in plumbing design who does not meet any of the qualifications for membership in 
any other grade. Exceptions: Persons employed by contractors or separate divisions 
of contractors for the exclusive purpose of designing and/or specifying plumbing 
systems shall be eligible for membership as Full Members or Associate Members, 
provided they have fulfilled the experience required as outlined for each respective
 Dues: $185.00.



Anyone employed by municipal, state, or federal governments for one of the following

A. Checking and/or inspection of plumbing and/or inspection of plumbing plans and installations;
B. The formulation of codes, rules, requirements and regulations pertaining to the
planning, designing and installation of plumbing systems, or any portion of a plumbing system;
C. Research and development of plumbing systems design criteria.

Exception: Persons employed by a government agency for the purpose of designing and/or specifying plumbing systems, who shall be eligible to be Full or Associate Members, provided they have fulfilled the experience required as outlined for each respective classification.  Dues: $185.00.



Any individual attending a recognized University or college full time (12 credit hours per term minimum) in a curriculum related to plumbing design.  Dues: $25.00.



The Plumbing Engineering Design Handbook: The most definitive collection of general plumbing practices in the field of plumbing engineering. The ASPE Handbook consists of forty-seven chapters divided into four volumes. New members receive one of four volumes immediately upon joining and the revised volume thereafter.

Plumbing Systems & Design Magazine: Members immediately begin receiving Plumbing Systems & Design magazine. This bimonthly magazine covers a wide spectrum of topics important to the profession and to daily practices in the field.

The ASPE Report: The Society’s bimonthly newsletter, incorporated with-in the Plumbing Systems & Design magazine, keeps members abreast of Society activities and issues impacting the profession.

Publication and Education Program Discounts: All publications, education programs, and other services and products of the Society are offered at special discounted rates to ASPE members.

Collegial Interaction and Networking
Every ASPE member not only belongs to ASPE worldwide, but has the opportunity to belong to one of 59 Chapters organized throughout the United States and Canada. Chapters sponsor seminars, conduct monthly technical meetings, publish newsletters and offer special peer-to-peer and professional-to-professional interaction and networking opportunities.

Professional Growth and Development

The ASPE Biennial Convention and Engineered Plumbing Exposition (EPE) is the premier educational and professional development event for plumbing engineers and designers. The Convention features a comprehensive program of educational, technical and professional development presentations and seminars designed to enhance professional knowledge and foster awareness of new techniques. The concurrent EPE is the largest Exposition dedicated entirely to the field of plumbing engineering.

The ASPE Technical Symposium is offered in non-Convention years and provides a unique forum for the most comprehensive and intensive half-day and full-day plumbing engineering design seminars and workshops avail-able anywhere. The “hands-on” workshops provide the plumbing engineer with information about new developments in the industry and new techniques for practical implementation in the field.

Technical Seminars and Workshops sponsored by ASPE offer one- or two-day programs conducted by leading industry professionals. Each educational program focuses on a specific area of plumbing engineering.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs): ASPE offers the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units at selected technical program sessions at the biennial Convention, the Technical Symposium and at stand-alone Seminars and Workshops. CEUs are nationally recognized units of achievement that may be used as evidence of increased performance capabilities and for job advancement.


Eastern Michigan Chapter Technical Videos

The following video tapes are available on a loan basis to Eastern Michigan Chapter members. If you are interested in borrowing any of these tapes, contact Ron George at

1. Part 1 - Fire-Resistive Construction & Mechanical Trades
Paul Murtaugh - Pro Set Systems
Al Bocce - 3M Corporation
Part 2 - Discussion on ASTM E-814 & E-119
Fire Testing of Rated Assemblies
Speaker:  Ron George, CIPE
September 1991
2. Part 1 - Airport Design Requirements & Fuel Separators
Bryce Russel - Rockford Separators
Part 2 - Review of FAA & NFPA Design
Speaker:  Ron George, CIPE
October 1991
3. Part 1 - Compressed Air & Vacuum Systems
Speaker:  Tony Mesa - Nash Engineering
Part 2 - NFPA 99 Medical Gas Pipeline Review & Certification
Speaker:  Ron George, CIPE
November 1991
Part 3 - Vacuum Anesthesia Evacuation
Speaker:  Colleen Anderson - Ohmeda
March 1992
4. Part 1 - Pipe Hangars & Supports Selection & Application
Speaker:  Jack Wainright - ITT Grinnel
Part 2 - Review:  Mfrs. Standardization Society
Speaker:  Ron George, CIPE
December 1991
5. Part 1 - Water Conservation Plumbing Fixtures
Speaker:  Charles Glinz - Eljer Plumbing
Part 2 - Design Considerations for Grey (non-potable) water systems
Speaker:  Ed Hawley, CIPE
January 1992
6. Part 1 - Domestic Hot Water Re-circulating Systems
Speaker:  Norm Hall, R.L. Deppmann Co.
February 1992
7. Part 1 - Sump Pump Sizing, Selection, Controls & Maintenance
Host:  Darrell Underwood & Kennedy Industries
March 1992, Detroit
Part 2 - Sump Pumps & Sewage Ejectors
Speaker:  Mark Brickey - Metropolitan Pump
March 1992, Toledo
8. Tour of the Detroit N.E. Water Treatment Plant
September 1992
9. Sizing Water Heaters
Speaker: Paul Hedlund - Lochinvar
10. ADA Plumbing Design Considerations
Speaker:  Dan Redstone, L.G. Restone Architects
11. Inland Lakes Water Management
Speaker:  Tony Groves, Progressive AEP
12. Tales from the Boiler Room
Speaker:  William Hall - Leonard Valve Co.
13. Alternative Natural Gas Uses
Speaker:  Pat Palazzolo - MichCon
14. Plumbing Standards Development
Speaker:  Dr. Stu Asay, P.E.
15. Water Heater Selection/Application
Speaker:  Larry Keelan
16. Corrosion Resistant Alloys
Speaker:  Tony Spence, Duriron Co.
17. Acid Resistant Piping
Speaker:  Steven Leek, Schott Process Systems
18. Water Pressure Booster Pumps
Constant vs. Variable Speed
Speaker:  Norm Hall, R.L. Deppmann Co.
19. Challenges to the Plumbing Industry
Speaker:  Jim Olsztynski, Sr. Editor, Plbg & Mech Magazine
20. Steam & Condensate Systems
Speaker:  Greg Merlo
21. Electrical Heating Cables in Lieu of HW Recirculation Systems
Speaker:  Caroline Calloway - Raychem Co.
22. Thermal Expansion Tanks for Domestic Hot Water Systems
Antrol Corp.  (15 mins.)
23. Polypropylene Piping Systems for Pure Water and Acid Waste Systems
Speaker:  Joe McCoy, Orion Industries (45 mins)
24. 4-94 Advanced Plbg. Class - Steam & Condensate Systems
Speaker:  Roy Ahlgrens, ITT Bell & Gossett (6 hrs)
25. 4-94 Advanced Plbg. Class - Reduced Pressure Backflow Preventers
How They Work & Design Tips
Speaker:  Dave Watson, Watts Co.
26. 4-94 Advanced Plbg. Class - Med Gas Systems
Speaker:  Mark Allen, Ohmeda Engineering
27. 4-94 Advanced Plbg. Class - Plumbing for Healthcare Facilities
Speaker:  Ron George, CIPE
43. Medical Gas Systems - "Who's Responsible"
Seminar at Design & Construct Expo - Detroit, MI  Cobo Hall
Speakers:  Tom Mraulak, Loc. 98 instr. & Ron George, CIPE
February 9, 1995
AIM/R - EMPIC Expo Seminars
October 5, 1993
44. Sewage Ejector Pumps
Kerr Pump Co.
45. 1.6 gpf flushometer/toilets
WCI/Sloan  Joe Bosman
46. Tri-County Plumbing Inspector
Panel Discussion
47. Backflow Prevention Testing
ASPE Technical Symposium
October, 1993 - Atlanta, GA
48. Part 1 - "Fire Protection System Design - Early Suppression, Fast Response"
Speaker:  William Wilcox, PE, Factory Mutual Research Corp., Norwood, MA
Part 2 - "Montreal Protocol"
John Geoseffi, Broward Fire Equip., Ft. Lauderdale, FL
49. "Potable Water Treatment"
Michael H. Colburn
50. "Water Recycling (Re-use)"
Speaker:  Patrick L. Whitworth, CIPE,
Diversified Technology Inc., Greenville, SC
ASSE Plumbing Class
November 5, 1994
Speaker:  Ron George, CPD & Bill Christ
51. Part 1 - Plumbing Codes & Standards
Part 2 - Piping Valves & Fittings
52. Part 3 - Domestic Cold Water & Hot Water System Sizing
Part 4 - Backflow Prevention
53. Part 5 - Sanitary Drain & Vent Systems
Part 6 - Storm Drainage Systems
54. Part 7 - Fuel Gas Systems
Part 8 - Medical Gas Systems
72. Flow in Drains, Drain Sizing
73. Compressed Air Systems - Quincy Co.
74. Medical Gas Systems
Jerry Van Norman, PE
75. Fire Protection
Design Considerations
76. EMPIC Meeting, 4-11-95
Part 1 - International Code Council Update
Paul Heilstedt, PE, CEO, BOCA Int'l
Part 2 - Legislative issues facing the Plumbing Industry
Pete Warshaw, VP Commercial Sales, Delta Faucet Co.
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