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ASPE EMC News is published 9 times per year (September through May, plus one summer issue if feasable). Yearly advertising rates are $200.00 per ad for members and $250.00 for non-members. One time digital full page insert advertisements are $250.00 for one issue, quarter page (9 issues) $250.00 - half page (9 issues) and full page (9 issues) $550.00. Please call Pam Hartsell at (248) 399-1900 x 222 for any questions regarding pricing of ads. Checks should be made payable to ASPE E. Mich. Chapter and mailed to the attention of Pam Hartsell, CPD at Strategic Energy Solution, 4000 W. Eleven Mile Rd. Berkley, MI 48072

Checks should be made payable to ASPE E. Mich. Chapter and mailed to:
Strategic Energy Solutions
ASPE EMC Treasurer
Pam Hartsell
4000 W. Eleven Mile Rd.
Berkley, MI 48072

All newsletter digital inserts should be emailed to ASPE-EMC c/o Theresa Green. Circulation 400 - Distributed to: Engineers, Contractors, Inspectors, and other industry professionals in Michigan. For contributing articles contact Theresa Green, Newsletter Editor at: theresa.m.green@outlook.com




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