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ASPE News is published 9 times per year (September through May, plus one summer issue). Yearly advertising rates are $150.00 per ad for members and $200.00 for non-members. One time digital full page insert dvertisements are $250.00 for one issue, quarter page (9 issues) $250.00 - half page (9 issues) $350.00 and full page (9 issues) $550.00. Please call Treasurer Hank Koppelo at (248) 361-8673 for any questions regarding pricing of ads.

Checks should be made payable to ASPE E. Mich. Chapter and mailed to:
Macomb Mechanical
ASPE EMC Treasurer
Hank Koppelo
6250 Nineteen Mile Road,
Sterling Heights, MI 48314

All newsletter digital inserts should be emailed to ASPE-EMC c/o Theresa Green. Circulation 400 - Distributed to: Engineers, Contractors, Inspectors, and other industry professionals in Michigan. For contributing articles contact Theresa Green, Newsletter Editor at: tgreen@mcadetroit.org.




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